oyster vitamins

  • Vitamin D From The Sea: PEI Oysters Are A Great Source

    Oysters, nature’s powerhouse of nutrients, contain an astonishing range of vitamins and minerals. Their unique, briny-sweet flavor dances on your tongue, while their robust nutritional profile works unseen wonders in your body. Out of the multitude of benefits that oysters offer, one that outshines the rest is the abundance of Vitamin D. Much-admired for its…

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  • A Deep Dive into Vitamin D : Natural vs. Synthetic Sources

    Vitamin D, often referred to as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’, is a unique nutrient that holds an indispensable place in the roster of essential vitamins needed for our wellbeing. Unlike most other nutrients which are predominantly derived from the foods we consume, our bodies mainly produce Vitamin D through exposure to sunlight. This fat-soluble vitamin has…

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