Johnny Wells, grandfather of ISPEI co-founder Jason John Wells

A Delectable History: Oysters of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Introduction Prince Edward Island (PEI) – the smallest province of Canada – boasts a rich oyster harvesting history spanning over two centuries. Renowned for its unique marine treasures and lush environment, PEI holds its oyster close to its heart. Islanders and visitors alike relish in the unparalleled culinary experience offered by the delectable mollusks. This post will guide you through the fascinating history of oyster farming on this picturesque island....

April 10, 2023 · Jason John Wells
 Functions provided by intact oyster reef habitats. Image courtesy of Fitzsimmons et al. 2019

Reviving Oyster Reefs in Prince Edward Island: A Revitalized Ecosystem

Introduction Canada’s Prince Edward Island is known for its breath-taking scenery, diverse wildlife and, more importantly, its rich seafood heritage. The coastal waters of the island are home to diverse marine species, including the American oyster. However, the oyster populations have faced significant decline in the past few decades due to environmental degradation, invasive species, and selective hearing. This article delves into the concept of oyster reef restoration and its importance in revitalizing the aquatic ecosystem in Prince Edward Island....

April 10, 2023 · Jason John Wells